はてなブックマーク - HEARING LOSS
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HEARING LOSSTales of My Worst Hangovers

It was at a party after making a big deal.
“Chuck! Chuck!”
I don’t remember how much I had to drink.
I could barely recall the events in the third bar.

When I woke up, I felt ice on my right cheek.
As I came to my senses, I noticed I couldn’t hear anything.
As I rouse I noticed a weird smell, something like a gastric fluid.
It seemed like I unconsciously puked in my bed.

It wasn’t ice on my cheek, but my own vomit.
The reason I couldn’t hear was because the vomit was plugging my ears.
Of course, the smelled was coming from the vomit was all over my bed.
(45-year-old male, advertising)



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Times of votes:12   Total points: 40   Avarage points: 3.3

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