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SPOTSTales of My Worst Hangovers

30 years ago, I used live in Kichijoji(Tokyo,Japan).

My house was an apartment in 20min distance from the exit of called “Sunroad”.

On the end of Sunroad, there used to be a bar, upstairs of a pet shop,

called Huckleberry.

My daily routine was to go to the bar and have a sip of I.W.HARPER,

a pretty expensive bourbon for what I was making.

Most of the times,

I would be the only one in the counter seats,

have a couple on the rocks and leave.

That day was different.

I found two gorgeous women in the counter seats and one of them was a bit chubby,

and was just my type.

Because I’m not the kind of guy that can go up and say hi,

I just observed her profile instead.

Their voices got louder in time, and were drying their cups at an insane pace.

I think they had around 10 cups while I had 2.

Suddenly, the chubby girl stood up and walked towards the stairs.

Then, I heard a scream, followed by the sound of her falling down the stairs.

I instantly thought it was an opportunity for me to be a man,

and ran to the stairs.

There, I found the beautiful lady hunching over downstairs.

As I looked at the stairs,

I found spots of excrement.

I stood there paralyzed.

The bar manager bumped me out of the way,

and rushed down the stairs.

(60-year-old male, unemployed)



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Times of votes:12   Total points: 46   Avarage points: 3.8

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