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WAKING UP INSIDE BARSTales of My Worst Hangovers

When I got conscious, I found myself inside bars.
Police Officer: Do you remember what happened yesterday?
Me: Honestly, not at all.
Police Officer: Well, at 2:XXAM, near XX Station
(it was very precise),
you kicked the side mirror of Mr. XX and wrecked it.
Me: Oh. My apologies.
Police Officer: Mr. XX will arrive in a moment.
Stay in your cell until I call you.

…So, apparently, I’ve kicked a car that was passing by,
and wrecked its side mirror.
Then I went back to my cell,
where I found a cellmate.
He was slim, and seemed like a nice person.

Me: What did you do to get in here?

Cellmate: I tried to get buy drugs for the first time.
It turns out that the drug dealer was being tailed,
and I was caught along with him.
So I never abused drugs in my life and I’ve been here for 2 whole weeks.
Me: Two weeks!!!

Just as I was thinking I should inform my wife,
Mr. XX had arrived.
I humbly begged for his pardon.
Then, he showed me the 900 dollar bill.
Fortunately, I had 1300 dollar in my wallet,
so I paid the bill on the scene.
Then, I called my wife from the cellphone
that apparently had been taken away from me in the arrest.
They told me now that the compromise has been made,
and because I had a judicial guarantee,
I was free to go.
It felt like my wife was an angel
when she came to pick me up. To think about it,
that was a pretty expensive side mirror.
(56-year-old male Kanagawa Japan IT)



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